How Sety Keeps You Safe

Broadcast your incidents to everyone around you.

Sends your incident to the relevant rapid response.

Stay close and keep safe with your friends & family.


Safety begins with Sety

Join Sety now and start looking out for your friends, family & people around you

Sexual Harrassment

Police Brutality

Physical Assault

Domestic Violence

Sexual Assault


Join Sety

You're not alone.

Sety broadcasts your incidents to your circle & people around, and you're able to monitor their actions in real-time

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Danger Zones

Get informed of impending dangers

Sety alerts you when heading into a current danger zone within a specified mile radius around you. Danger zones are temporary places where a danger occurred.


Why join Sety

Personal Safety

In this current state of the world, personal safety is pertinent and Sety is built just for this. Your safety is the objective.


Sety is redefining emergency reporting by creating a community for people to look out for one another

Danger Reports

Sety prevents you from heading into danger by notifying you of impending dangers ahead of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sety free?

Payment for Sety is free for now, but we're working to improve the technology and include new interesting features to serve you better.                    

This features will ensure that the app adhere strictly to the core values of the product and that's the user's safety.

We're optimistic about this 😊

What happens when there's no one around to help me?

Sety is also built with features to alert the police or specific agencies of your situation, location and get you the help you need.

How this technology works?

The technology uses AI to communicate your incident to your circle (friends & family), as well as people around you at the time.

Communication is done in real-time, and Sety will ensure that you're not alone.

The app will also inform for impending dangers around you.

How to contact with Customer Service?

You can reach directly to the customer care at info@sety.io

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